For Chocolate Lovers

In the past few years, researchers have been investigating the possible link between dark chocolate and a reduced risk of dementia and other health hazards. I need not point out that this is glorious news for the chocolate fanatics among us. Consider, too, the example of  Jean Calment of France, who outlived two reverse mortgages. She ate a quarter pound of chocolate every day (that’s one large Ghirardelli Intense Dark Toffee bar), up until age 119. When asked at her next birthday what kind of future she expected to have, she replied, “a very short one.” For anyone who needs additional encouragement to eat chocolate, here are ten well-documented reasons:

1.  Chocolate helps with weight loss.
2 Chocolate may fight cancer.
3. Chocolate melts and is difficult to remove from car upholstery and should, therefore, be quickly consumed.
4. Chocolate has spiritual significance, or it did at one time.
5. Chocolate makes you feel better (see link 1)
6. If you do not eat it, your dog might, and chocolate is toxic to dogs.
7.  Chocolate is versatile in cooking, Try this recipe for Sicilian chocolate lasagna.
8. Chocolate contains caffeine. Caffeine gives you energy.
9. Chocolate can be made into interesting shapes. Look at this Volkswagen bug made of chocolate.
10. Chocolate makes other people like you, particularly when wrapped in foil and left on a pillow at night.